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Compare Rates to Find a Car Hire in Jersey Airport

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Jersey Airport is located within the parish of Saint Peter, Bailiwick of Jersey, Channel Islands, United Kingdom. It is in proximity with the parish of Saint Helier and primarily serves the people and visitors of the island. The facility started operating on March 10, 1937 and did experience a lot of changes and rapid growth throughout time. Jersey Airport primarily caters to flights from Europe and the United Kingdom.

This compact Island covers 45 square miles (116 square kms), much of it unspoilt countryside. And whilst this countryside plays a big part in Jersey's appeal, strict planning laws are in place to protect it. Even the remotest corners of Jersey are accessible with 450 miles (720 kms) of road covering the Island which give you a great excuse to hire a car from VroomVroomVroom to compliment your trip.

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Driving tips in Jersey

While St Helier and the main arterial routes can be busy, most are much quieter, with 45 miles (72 kms) of inland country roads designated as 'Green Lanes'. These have a speed limit of 15 mph (24 kph), with priority given to walkers, cyclists, and horse riders, and exist in all but three of the Island's parishes. 'Green Lanes' will hopefully be extended to all 12 parishes over the next few years, to provide an island-wide network. So why not look at cheap car hire in Jersey from VroomVroomVroom?

Jersey is a place that offers a wealth of adventures, castles and exciting historical tales waiting to be found. Jersey tells the story of it's past in a gripping, entertaining way through its castles, war tunnels, and rural museums. If you fancy you a ramble around the lovely country lanes, spectacular views from the cliff paths or a walk with a mouth-watering lunch arranged for you, then this is the place to come. 

Top Attractions near Jersey Airport

Although Jersey isn't a massive island, it is still worth grabbing yourself a cheap car hire deal from VroomVroomVroom and allowing us to help you enjoy your trip even more.

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust is set in 32 acres of park and gardens and is home to over 1400 animals including more than 130 endangered species. It was founded by the late author, naturalist and broadcaster Gerald Durrell over 50 years ago and is a very popular and worthwhile visitors destination. The Conservation Trust is conveniently located on the B31 at Les Augres Manor in Trinity and has free parking for more than 350 cars. It also features a children's animal-themed play area, education centre, gift shop, cafe and restaurant.

Elizabeth Castle is located at St.Aubin's Bay, St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands, United Kingdom. It is an ancient castle that was first founded sometime in the 15th century as a defense facility and residence for the nobility. Sir Walter Raleigh named it as Fort Isabella Bellissima or the most beautiful Elizabeth during the 17th century. The castle is open for visitors. Pilgrims typically come to the castle and its grounds when its low tide on a Sunday near the 16th of July (St. Helier's Day). Great parking facilities for your hire car.

Jersey Battle of Flowers Museum can be found at the La Robeline, Le Mont des Corvees, St. Ouen, Jersey, Channel Islands, United Kingdom. The museum features photographs, unique flower floats and many other items related to the history of the Battle of Flowers festival. Visit www.battleofflowers.com for information about the popular Battle of Flowers Festival.

Jersey Museum and Art Gallery showcases displays about the island's history and artworks. It sits at The Weighbridge, St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands, United Kingdom. The museum features wide collection of artifacts, artworks, photographs, manuscripts and so much more. The venue is recommended for people of all ages especially for people who are into history and arts. Hopefully you will have hired a car with a big boot to fit all that new artwork in that you will buy!

Maritime Museum features a number of artifacts and documents related to the island of Jersey's maritime history. It is located at New North Quay, St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands, United Kingdom. The venue is one of the best places to learn more about sailing, navigation and the art of boat building.

Mont Orgueil Castle or the Gorey Castle is a 12th century castle that faces the harbour of Gorey in St. Martin, Jersey, Channel Islands, United Kingdom. Its construction was made sometime in 1204 as a defense for the Jersey Island before the construction of the Elizabeth Castle. The castle today serves as one of the island's tourist destinations as it mirror's Jersey's long and colorful history. Make sure you have your hire car close by for a quick getaway!

Jersey War Tunnels retells the compelling story of islanders under Occupation. Left defenceless by the UK, Jersey residents had to choose to either stay or go, both choices were an unknown entity. Those who stayed, without weapons to fight with, found their own ways to resist before finally, after five long years, the day of liberation arrived.

There is always plenty of local parking facilities for your hire car so that you can stop off and visit as many places as you like!