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Is your site secure?

Yes, when you go into any of the suppliers booking engines you initiate an Secure Socket layer (SSL) session BUT the https: does not show up or the little paddle lock because the sites are framed. If you right click in the body of the page and check properties you will see that you are in a secure SSL session

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Is my credit card debited at the time of reservation?

Yes. Your credit card is debited at the time of booking.

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Will I be charged to failing to show up?

Yes, you need to cancel any booking prior to 24 hours to pick up or you will be charged a cancellation fee. Fees vary between suppliers.

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When do I get my discount?

The Thrifty discount varies depending on duration and the type of vehicle though is always competitive and includes unlimited mileage via Vroom Vroom Vroom which is not normally the case. Budget, Avis, Hertz and Europcar all have competitive web rates web rates.

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Will my overseas drivers license work for in the UK and Europe?

If you have held a valid, unrestricted drivers license, for a minimum of 12 months and it is in English you will not require an international permit. If you do not have these prerequisites then you will need an international permit. All documents must be original. No photocopies are recognised.

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How old do I need to be to hire a car?

In most cases you need to be a minimum of 25 years old BUT you can still rent a car if you are over 21 years old with some suppliers. In this case a mandatory surcharge usually applies and the in ability to lower excess charges may also apply. This varies from company to company. Some vehicle types may also be restricted.

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Can I get a complete "quote" without entering any credit card details?

Yes from all of our suppliers you can get a quote without having to enter credit card details though to actually place the booking some suppliers require credit cards to secure the booking. All suppliers allow you to place a booking without having to become a member of their mailing list unlike many online distributors.

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Are the quotes fully inclusive of all fees and charges?

All quotes on the VroomVroomVroom.co.uk site are fully inclusive of:

  • Selected Vehicle or similar
  • Unlimited kilometers unless otherwise stated
  • Basic Insurance
  • Vehicle Licensing Fee
  • VAT
  • Premium Location Fee (except Thrifty - the airport pickup fee will be indicated in the quote conditions if applicable)
  • A standard excess of around £600 will apply with the option to reduce the amount on pickup.

  • Note: some credit cards cover the excess as part of the card holder's benefits, check with your credit card provider.

Not included:

  • Excess Reduction Packages
  • Rates for additional drivers
  • Additional equipment
  • Underage driver charges
  • Petrol
  • One-way drop off charges
  • Optional Personal Accident Insurance

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How do I make a change?

The easiest way to modify or cancel your booking is through our sites "make changes" links. These links will take you directly to the appropriate supplier's web pages to a change or cancellation. The companies all have different login on procedures and these include a mixture of email address, last name and reservation confirmation number. Please note that you must enter this data "exactly" like you did when making the booking and as they appear on your confirmation. The data fields are all case sensitive so you must use the same upper and lower case lettering as used for the booking.

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Additional Driver
When there is more than one driver associated with a hire, the second and any subsequent drivers are referred to as the additional driver(s). There may be a charge applied for additional drivers.

Airport Surcharge
An additional charge that applies at certain airport locations to ALL fees associated with the hire and included during the quoting process - except Thrifty - the airport pickup fee will be indicated in the quote conditions if applicable.

The location and/or time from when a hire starts.

The location and/or time, from when a hire ends.

All vehicles have a standard cover and you may increase your level of insurance when you pick up your vehicle.

To hire a vehicle at one location and to return it at another is referred to as a one-way hire.

Refuelling Service
A service provided at check-in which enables a customer to return a vehicle which does not have a full tank of fuel.

Rental Agreement
The formal contract, signed by Company and the hirer at the time of check-out, which shows the terms of the rental.

Rental Day
Normally, a 24-hour period which starts at the time of check-out, however can also apply to a rental period that is of several hours' duration.

Rental Duration/Length

Normally, the total of rental days, however can also apply to a rental of several hours' duration.

Rental Qualifications

The conditions imposed by a rental location, or country, in order to satisfy their legal requirements. Details of these can be obtained from each renting Company

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