Our price promise is simple and straightforward. We do all the work. Here it is in our simple and plain English promise.

"If you have a confirmed reservation booked via this website and find elsewhere on the Internet that you can get the same type of vehicle, from the same location and with the same conditions for less than our reservation price we will match the price and give you GBP5 for your efforts."

All you need to do is provide us with is your reservation number booked via the Vroom Vroom Vroom web site and the web site address and quote details of the company offering the better deal. We will check out the competition and if they are better we will match the price and pay you an additional GBP5.

The fine print. There isn't any BUT as price change daily we can only match offers made within 3 days of your reservation and we pay the difference and GBP5 rebate directly into your credit card account at the completion of your rental. Our promise pertains to prices that can be seen and verified from the Internet. It does not apply to any non-Internet offers or offer available to people who hold special discount codes or numbers that are not available to the public.


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