Top Questions

  • Do I Need A Credit Card?
  • Can I Use A Debit Card?
  • How do I view, cancel or modify my booking?
  • How Do I Add A Child Seat Or GPS To My Booking?
  • Is the one-way journey fee included in my quotation?
  • I need to hire a van/people mover?


  • What if I only have the paper copy of my licence? Am I still able to hire a car?
  • I have just passed my driving test, can I hire a car in the UK or Continental Europe?
  • What documents or paperwork do I need when I pick-up my vehicle?
  • Will my overseas licence work for UK & Europe?
  • My UK driving licence still has my old address on, what should I do?


  • What is the deposit I have to pay when renting a car?
  • Is my credit card debited at the time of reservation?
  • Can I get a complete “quote” without entering any card details?
  • Will I be charged for not showing up?

Where can I travel?

  • Is the one-way journey fee included in my quotation?
  • Can I travel abroad?

More FAQ's

  • What are the options available for car rental excess cover?
  • Why is it more expensive when I say I'm a foreign customer?
  • What happens when I book and the page says 'unavailable' and to call you?
  • How much is a young driver surcharge?
  • What about congestion charges?
  • Are the quotes comprehensive of all fee's and charges?
  • I have endorsements (penalty points) on my driving licence, can I still rent a vehicle in the UK and will this affect the cost?
  • Can I travel with my pets?
  • Am I allowed to smoke in the vehicle?
  • Airport pick-up
  • Is there a fee if I want to pick-up the car out of hours.
  • Do I need to pay for gas/petrol/fuel?
  • Are there any other charges?
  • Can we have additional drivers?
  • How old do I need to be to hire a car?

After the rental

  • Can I extend my booking after I have collected it?
  • Is roadside assistance provided?