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Over the past few years Turkey has become one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Mediterranean, with the market growing by  about 20% each year. The growth in Turkish holidays is mainly due to the number of top quality all inclusive resort hotels that have been built over recent times. Many of the resorts have grown beyond belief in a very short time, once small fishing villages and now large city like holiday towns.

Places to Go


Marmaris is one of those resorts, it started back in the 70's with a steady flow of mainly backpack type visitors. Then in the mid 80's a company called Sunmed started a programme to Turkey.

 which started the ball rolling for main stream holiday traffic. Marmaris is now an all round holiday destination, with a beautiful fjord like bay that offers safe bathing and all the usual tourist facilities along its narrow strip of beach. The holiday town of Marmaris appeals to all age groups as it can offer vast shopping possibilities, lively nightlife, lots of local attractions and also the chance to visit a number of historical sights. The resort features
 various types of accommodation including apartments, small family pensions and a vast choice of hotels. Trying to choose from the vast choice of Marmaris Hotels can be a difficult choice, however many now have facilities that suit your paticular needs. 


Bodrum is another popular resort. It has a delightful waterside old town with winding narrow streets full of charm and character. Lots for the holiday maker to enjoy, good sandy beaches, loads of shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. The nightlife can only be described as lively, with some great bars and clubs. The resort and surrounding area offers all types of accommodation. Many Bodrum Hotels now offer the all inclusive option, this is now a popular choice for families and groups of friends travelling together.

Olu Deniz

If your wanting something a little less hectic then maybe the resort of Olu Deniz a bit further south would suit your requirements. This resort has a wonderful bay with clear aquamarine sea surrounded by high cliffs and mountains. Its a bit more chilled out but still offers a lively nightlife with a number of good music bars and a few club/discos. The villages above the beach area have become the livelier areas as they have fewer development restrictions. Again there is a great choice of Oludeniz Hotels for all budgets and holiday styles. Small complexes, boutique style hotels  and of course a good number of all inclusive properties. This resort offers the perfect combination, lovely beach with things to do and see if that's what you want.


Turkey has grown very quickly on the tourist map in the past 20 years and as things are going will carry on attracting more visitors each year due to its all round value. Down in the south of the country some amazing properties have  recently opened, offering outstanding facilities. Down in the south of the country some amazing properties have recently opened, offering outstanding facilities. The beach resort of Lara beach is now moving up the popularity charts with British families, situated just outside the attractive holiday town of Antalya it offers a long sand/shingle beach and good tourist facilities. The area has a perfect mix of old and new, with many historic sights and natural attractions. There is a wide choice of Hotels in Antalya from small family run accommodations to a wide choice of luxury all inclusive resorts, many of these hotels are premium all nclusive. Further down the coast is the resort of Belek, this started out as a golf destination as many championship courses have been developed in this area. Due to the high standards required by the Golfing customer many of the All inclusive Turkey are top standard, offering 5 star facilities and service. This resort is not restricted to Golf only holidays and due to its location in the deep south of Turkey has a good reliable long season making it ideal for spring or autumn breaks.