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After the reunification of East and West Germany in 1990, Berlin was once again the capital of Germany and has since rapidly metamorphosed itself into a bustling metropolis. Both young and old visitors will find a never-ending, pulsating scene amidst the myriad of cultures.

An astute traveler will appreciate the sense of old meeting new, from the combination of such sites like the original Berlin city wall, dating from the 12th century, only steps away from the remains of the historically charged wall built in the 1960's. Checkpoint Charlie and the East Side Gallery are reminiscent of vastly different, socialist times displayed in an informative yet charming way. Berlin is very multi-faceted which is quite intriguing. Yet its contradictions are its appeal.

One of the most revered historical buildings is the Reichstag, the parliamentary building. It has been rebuilt with a new glass dome which is open for visitors. Countless attractions are waiting to be discovered. Swing by the romantic Museumsinsel and visit the Berlin Dome. (Most of the 170 museums often are open at night - check before visiting). Take a ride around the Siegessäule and experience a Mediterranean Ambiente in Kreuzberg.

Dining and Clubbing have a long tradition and the nights are long in Berlin.  You can find cafes, bars, clubs and restaurants in every price range, some are operating all night. Visit Hackescher Markt for the best selection of eateries and clubs in Berlin. There are two major centers of the city;  the historical center in the east around Alexanderplatz and the western city around the Kurfuerstendamm. You will find more small centers in the different boroughs of Berlin each identifying with their unique charm.
Berlin's event scene is international. Sports events like the Berlin Marathon, the international film festival Berlinale, the Carnival of the Cultures or the Love Parade attract large numbers of people from all around the world, just to name a few. Also Berlin boasts a large creative and alternative scene that rounds the picture of the cultural institutions featuring experimental independence.
Berlin is a city ripe of adventures waiting to unfold. From Turkish markets in Kreuzberg to the rapidly industrialized area of Berlin Mitte there is something for everyone.

Willkommen und viel Spass!

By Stefan Grein