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Find and Compare a Cheap Car Hire in Larnaca Airport 

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When you decide to start planning for a holiday, sometimes things get forgotten. So VroomVroomVroom can remind you to at least book your car hire for Larnaca Airport.

Larnaca is home to many car hire depots, however how much easier would it be to simply pick up your car hire right from the airport itself? Our Global suppliers have their car hire desks within the arrivals halls/terminals to make it that much quicker and easier to complete your paperwork.

Before planning to hire a car in Larnaca, it's a good idea to have a basic knowledge of the main road routes, traffic signs and other useful directions and as Larnaca is a Cyprian city it is executed under the country traffic rules.

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When driving your hire car in Larnaca, it's much like driving in the United Kingdom. You drive on the left-hand side with the driver controls being right-handed. You must be at least 17 and a half years old to drive, however check with your chosen car hire supplier for minimum ages as they will certainly differ from this, usually from 21 years old. As like with the UK, speed limits vary:
  • 50 km/h in towns
  • 80km/h in highways
  • 100km/h on motorways
Things to keep in mind when driving your hire car:
  • Wearing a seat belt is mandatory and a child safety seat is required for those under the age of 12
  • It is against the law to use a mobile phone whilst driving unless via a hands–free kit
  • A yellow line at side of a road denotes no-parking zone
For driving on your own in and around the city, hiring a car is definitely one of the best options and the easiest place for you to pick up that car is right at Larnaca Airport when you land.

Car hire gives you both the freedom, convenience and choice to move anywhere in the city. You could even visit such attractions as the Larnaca Salt Lake, the Grand Mosque and Church of Saint Lazarus. Go for VroomVroomVroom car hire Larnaca Airport, you simply can't go wrong.

Top Attractions Within Larnaca

The Marble Bust of Zeno is one of the most important landmarks in Larnaca. It stands at the crossroads near the American Academy. Zeno was the famous ancient philosopher that founded the Stoic school of philosophy. There is even a commemorative plate, where tourists are provided with information about Zeno and his contributions.

Larnaca Salt Lake is a complex network of four salt lakes of different sizes. Besides its picturesque beauty, the Larnaca Salt Lake is home to 85 species of water birds with estimated populations between 20.000 - 38.000. It is one of the most important migratory passages through Cyprus. Among other species of birds, there are also the pink flamingos. It is a wonderful place, where you can relax by enjoying the fresh air or watching the birds.

The Church of Lazarus in Larnaca is another important landmark that must not be missed.The Church is a magnificent Orthodox Church built over the tomb of St. Lazarus, the brother of Mary and Martha. He died here and was buried in the church named after him. Today, visitors can still see the marble sarcophagus inside the church, under the Holy of Holies.

Fort of Larnaca is another wonderful site of interest, which was erected by the Turks in 1625. This fort is now a museum and its inner courtyard is used as an open air garden, where tourists can relax and walk around.

Cyprus is home to Larnaca Airport and has so much to offer the visitor. So why not book your cheap car hire with VroomVroomVroom before you go so that you will be able to freely explore the Island at your own pace.

Larnaca is the third largest city on the southern coast of Cyprus after Nicosia and Limassol, with a total population of 72.000 residents according to the 2010 census. Larnaca is the island's second largest commercial port and an important tourist resort. Larnaca is well known for its picturesque seafront, which includes rows of palm trees. Larnaca was founded by the Greeks in the 14th century BC and was known as Kition. The harbour and the citadel have now disappeared, but there are still traces of the circuit wall, and of a sanctuary with copious terra-cotta offerings. It is a wonderful place to spend a holiday, since there are so many attractions that give you a glimpse of the culture, history and civilisation of Larnaca.

Larnaca International Airport is actually Cyprus' main international and the biggest of two commercial airports, the other being Paphos International Airport on the southwestern coast.

Larnaca Airport offers free Wifi throughout it's terminal, with the exception of the baggage reclaim area, and a great guide to the 'top 15 things to do in Larnaca'. With shops and restaurants to fill your time after you have returned your car hire and are either waiting for your flight home or are on your way somewhere else or for business, you won't be bored!
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