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Car Hire Wesel

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Wesel is a city in the Wesel district, Dusseldorf administrative region, North Rhine Westphalia state of Germany. It is also the capital of the district. Situated at the confluence of two rivers, Lippe and Rhine, the city of Wesel has 5 main subdivisions. The origin of the city is a Franconian manor that was first mentioned in documents in the 8th century. Since the 15th century, Wesel is a Hanseatic town. In present, Wesel is an important commercial and cultural hub. It has a population of 61,000 residents and an area of 123 square kilometers. Famous natives of Wesel include painter Jan Joest, telescope inventor Hans Lippershey, New York City founder Peter Minuit, comedian Dieter Nuhr and musician Martin Bambauer. If you want to spend a vacation in Wesel, do it, because this is one of the best destinations of Germany.

Top Attractions of Wesel

Wesel Transmitter or FM and TV-mast Wesel is a radio mast. It was built in 1968 and it is used for radio and also TV transmission. In present, this is the tallest structure in the North Rhine Wesphalia state, but it used to be the second after a chimney of a power station. When the chimney was demolished, the mast became the tallest.

Wesel Rail Bridge is the only bridge that remained standing in town in the Second World War. The Rhine and Lippe bridges were blown away, but this was the last one remaining. As 95% of Wesel was demolished due to bombing, it was a true miracle that the bridge made it.

Berliner Tor is a part of the former fortress of Wesel. Architect Jean de Bodt built designed it and the building was raised in four years, since 1718 to 1722. In present, this is the only gate of the ancient city that can still be admired in Wesel and is one of the few constructions that remained standing in the city after the bombings in the World War II.