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So you want to do some wine tasting in France but don't know where to start. Well Vroom Vroom Vroom says to start at an airport in France, pick up a great deal on a France hire car, and drive your way through the wine tasting fantasy of your dreams. But remember not  to dring an drive many vineyards have rooms to rent or stay at a close by auberge.

Here are the different regions you can visit with some idea of what you'll be tasting and the airports where you can conveniently pick up a rental car.

 Champagne Region

What to taste: bubbly, of course! From the twin champagne-making centres of Reims and Empernnay.

Airports to pick up your Champagne rental car: Paris Charles de Gaulle or Paris Orly Airport.

Alsace Region

What to taste: sweet and scented white wine

Where to get your Alsace car rental: Strasbourg Airport car hire or Mulhouse-Basle car rental.

Burgundy Region

What to taste: Pinot Noir for the red, Chardonnay for the white and Beaujolais Nouveaux for the fun of it.

Where to get your Burgundy hire car: Lyon Airport car hire (Lyon Satolas – Saint Exupery)

Loire Valley

What to taste: great white wine from the Chenin Grape and lusty, fruity reds from the Cabernet Franc.

Where to get your Loire Valley hire car: Tours Airport car hire


What to taste: a huge region with a great variety of wines with great aging potential — Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cab Franc and dessert wines from the Sauterne grape.

Where to start your Bordeaux car hire tour: Bodeaux Airport car rental.


What to taste: red wine from Syrah and white wines from Marsanne, Roussanne and Viognier.

Where to get your Rhone region car hire: Avignon Airport car hire, or Nimes Airport car hire.


What to taste: historians agree that this is where wine production started. Most of the wine produced here is Rose.

South-West Region

What to taste: a veritable carnival of wines from a number of different grapes, the likes of which are rarely found elsewhere in the world, let alone France.

Where to get your South-West region car hire: Toulouse Airport car hire

Languedoc-Rousillon region

What to taste: mostly reds but some very interesting whites from the biggest continuous wine growing region in the world.

Where to get your Languedoc-Roussillon car hire: Perpignan car hire.

Grand Tour of France with your own limo

Why not travel in style on a Grand Tour of France with your own limo, chauffeur, guides, all run by the experts of A La Carte France Tours? That company offers fully inclusive private tours - "private" meaning that the tours will be custom-designed for you, and run for you exclusively. Your driver will also act as a tour leader, carry your luggage, translate restaurant menus etc.

If you need to brush up on your professional wine tasting vocabulary and skills, why not visit France Tourism and check out the wine tasting courses on offer all around the country.

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