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Casale Monferrato is a charming town in Italy, located more exactly within the Piedmont region, in the province of Alessandria, on the right bank of the river Po. The history of Casale Monferrato goes back to the Roman times, when it became a minicipium and, consequently, the most important center of the area. The fall of the Roman Empire saw a decline in the city's development, but Casale Monferrato began to grow once again in the 15th century, after becoming a free municipality and the capital of the Palaiologos. According to the 2009 census, Casale Monferrato has a total population of 36,058 residents and spans on a total area of 33.33 square miles (86.32 sq km), making it an important industrial center.

Top Attractions within Casale Monferrato

Piazza Mazzini is the central and most important square in Casale Monferrato. It is also the historic center of the city. Its name comes from Giuseppe Mazzini, an important republican figure of the Risorgimento. Locally, the square is known as Piazza Cavallo, the word "cavallo" being Italian for "horse". This is because the square is dominated by the statue of King Charles Albert of Piedmont-Sardinia riding a horse. Piazza Castello is another important square.

The Cathedral of Sant' Evasio is a representative religious site in Casale Monferrato. The cathedral dates back to 742, when it was originally founded. Later on, it was built in the early 12th century in the Lombard Romanesque architectural style. Both the interior and exterior of the church are impressive, so do not hesitate in visiting this landmark.

Via Saffi links Piazza Mazzini to Piazza Castello. The avenue is renowned for housing one of the most recognizable landmarks of Casale Monferrato: the Torre Civica, a brick tower dating back to the 11th century. The church of Santo Stefano is located near the tower.

The Civic Museum is a great cultural institution that will teach you many interesting facts about the history, culture and heritage of Casale Monferrato and the surrounding area. The museum puts on display numerous artifacts and historical items that are significantly relevant to the city's rich history. The museum is housed by the ancient convent of Santa Croce.

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