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Rovigo car rental

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Rovigo is located in the Veneto Region of Italy. As the most important town of the area, Rovigo plays the role of the capital for the Province with the same name. The first mention of the settlement in the Rovigo perimeter dates back to the year 838 stated in a document from Ravenna. The population of Rovigo reaches approximately 52,205 inhabitants.

Top Attractions within Rovigo

The Ruins of the Rovigo Castle are probably the most interesting and intriguing attractions of the town, due to the fact that they represent a part of the past of this community that is no longer available in its full form to the visitor of modern times. The castle is dated to the 10th century. People visiting the site have the chance to admire the two remaining towers of the old castle.

The Church of the Madonna del Soccorso is also known as La Rotunda and it was built in Rovigo in the period 1594-1606 by Francesco Zamberlan of Bassano. The church was constructed at that time in order to contain a miraculous image in which the Madonna sits and the Child is carrying a rose. Local and Venetian artists have brought their contribution to the interior of the church, such as Francesco Maffei, Alessandro Varotari, Pietro Liberi, Antonio Zanchi, Andrea Celesti and many more.

Pinacoteca dei Concordi is located in Rovigo. The art gallery is the main location for cultural and for artistic developments in the community. It holds numerous impressive collections of amazing artists. Some of the works of art that can be admired here have been created by Giovanni Bellini, from which you can see the Madonna with Child and Christ with the Cross, by Jan Gossaert, by Tiepolo, by Alessandro Longhi and by Palma the Elder.

Piazza Victor Emanuel II is one of the central locations in the town of Rovigo. It is the place in which you can find many of the local monuments and venues of interest, architectural, religious and artistic monuments, as well as a great variety of restaurants, bars and coffee shops.