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Compare the Cheapest Car Hire in Rossano

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Rossano is located in the Calabria Region of Italy. As one of the main communes in the area, Rossano is included in the Province of Cosenza. The most reputed element of the town of Rossano is the fact that there are many marble and alabaster quarries located in it. The population in Rossano reaches approximately 38,230 inhabitants.

Top Attractions within Rossano

The Rossano Cathedral is the local 11th century religious monument. In the 18th and in the 19th centuries, restoration interventions have taken place, which have not damaged the traditional aspect of the cathedral. Due to the damages suffered in the past, the bell tower and the baptismal front are later additions, dating back to the 14th century, while the main decorations of the church are from the 17th and from the 18th centuries. If you are passionate about religion, there are many more churches in the town.

The Church of Santa Maria Panaghia is another religious landmark of Rossano. The impressive construction dates back to the Byzantine era, which gives it a feeling of historicity and a great value for the culture and for the heritage of the community. The church is also impressive through the frescoes portraying St. John Chrysostomos.

The Marco Fiume Blues Passion Festival is a music event held in Rossano. It features a three day celebration, which is formed out of free concerts of jazz and blues music. The festival takes place each year in July, being linked to the Cognac Blues Festival in France, and is named after a local artist, who had a career in the world of American blues/jazz guitar music.

The Torre Stellata or the Star Tower is located in the nearby area of Rossano. It was built in the 16th century over the location of an ancient fortress. It is a symbol of the past for the region and it should be visited in order to grasp a little feeling of the local history. The site has suffered through the passage of time, but it is still imposing in stature and it attracts a lot of attention to its location.