Top 5 Things to Do in Carlisle

facade of Carlisle Cathedral

Steeped in legend as well as mythology, Carlisle is the biggest city in England's Lake District, Cumbria. A number of famous historical personalities have been associated with it, including legendary Scotsmen William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. Carlisle is not just about history and heritage; today it is also one of U.K.'s commercial and industrial hubs, and is also known for its tourism. 

Below are the top 5 things you must do when in Carlisle:

  1. Take a tour of Hadrian's Wall: This is one element from the past that all history buffs love to visit. Emperor Hadrian built this 80-mile long wall in 122 A.D. Even today, the wall has been maintained really well, and has segments that are dedicated to tourism activities like hiking.
  2. Visit the Tullie House Museum: Considered one of the must-see attractions of Carlisle, this museum has on display a wonderful mix of art (by local artists) and historical exhibits. The museum also has an interactive element to it, with provision for storytelling, art workshops, etc.
  3. Visit Carlisle Cathedral: The Carlisle Cathedral is another impressive building in Carlisle. Built in 1122 A.D., the renowned East Window has medieval stained glass in shining color and wonderful design. The tower bell of the cathedral is from 1401 A.D.
  4. Relax at the Yates Wine Lodge: After a hectic day of sightseeing, the best place to come for a relaxed evening is the Yates Wine Lodge. The attractions here are good music, great crowds, and lovely food and drink. There are certain nights dedicated to karaoke as well.
  5. Shop at the Pink Panther: No holiday is complete without some shopping, and the Pink Panther is the place to come to in Carlisle if you are a music buff. Even if you aren't, it is a great place to pick up some collectors' items, such as albums, CD cases, and other gifts.

For further information visit the websites of the local tourist offices.

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