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Need help with your car rental?
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Where Can You Park in the UK?


City Parking 

Depending on where in the UK you are travelling, the feasibility of parking can differ. For example, in central London, parking can be difficult to understand. Keep in mind there are many rules to follow, especially when it comes to areas you can park and the time frame you can park there for. Make sure to carefully read any parking signs and pay any parking charges to avoid any unexpected fines on your travels.

Country Parking 

When it comes to country driving, parking is simple and efficient, laws and regulations are not as strict. If you are in a town that has parking signs, you still need to abide by them however, in general, it is not as busy and it is easy to find a park.

When you rent a car in London, we recommend parking a little bit out of the city and getting the tube into the city centre to avoid any congestion. The public transport system in London is amazing and definitely worth taking advantage of while you are here.

Residents' Parking

In London, there are many areas that are allocated to residential parking. This is when those who live in the area have a parking permit and are permitted to park in certain areas. At certain times, you will not be able to park in these areas as they are reserved for residents only.

Residents' parking is available in many residential areas. It is used it to cut down congestion and makes sure that residents always have somewhere to park. Spaces are always reserved for locally-living permit holders.

You can sometimes park in these areas without a permit after 18:00 on weekdays and all day on weekends, but restrictions vary greatly so always check the clearly marked street signs. If you do park in a resident's parking space you will almost certainly receive a penalty notice (fine) and your vehicle may even be removed.

RankUK CityAverage
2-Hour Parking Cost
(within one mile of city centre)
On-Street Search Time
(minutes per trip)
Off-Street Search Time
(minutes per trip)
Annual Search Time
(hours per driver per annum)
Annual Search Cost Per DriverAnnual Search Cost Per City

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