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The city Of london is the historic core of London around which the modern conurbation grew and has held city status since time immemorial. the city's boundaries have ramainded almost unchanged since the middle for some people it is known as the city or some times referred to as the square mile, which its name was given beacause it is just one square mile in the area

Stamford Hill lies on the old Roman road of Ermine Street, it is on high ground above Stoke Newington, where it crosses the road from the medieval village of Clopton, which is now the modern Upper and Lower Clapton, into Hackney.  Stamford Hill is at the centre of an Orthodox Jewish and Hasidic community. It is the largest Hasidic community in Europe, which is reflected in the many Jewish men seen walking in their traditional clothes on their way to and from worship.  By road you can drive straight down the A10 into Central London and all it has to offer or north up the A10 out to the M25 and explore further afield. which than you will be able to book a City of London car rental.