London Fulham Car Rental Locations

Fulham is in the heart of the West End just below Kensington and just above the Thames.  It is also convenient to Chelsea, Earls Court and Barnes.  Here you will find Fulham Palace the former official home of the Bishop of London, it is now a museum, the grounds of which are now divided between public allotments and wonderful botanical gardens.  Two Premiership football clubs, Fulham and Chelsea, are also situated within the Fulham area.If you are interested in going to Fulham make sure you make your trip much easier,you can just book a Fulham car rental and you can drive any where you want for a great quick deal!

Fulham use to be a working class area for the first half of the twentieth century, but  extensive restoration between the Second World War and the 1980s has lead to it now being one of the most expensive parts of London, and hence the United Kingdom.  The average actual sale price of property (both houses and flats) sold in the SW6 area in September 2007 was £639,973. However in parts of the area like the Moore Park Estate, located on the Fulham/Chelsea border opposite Stamford Bridge, houses average at over £900k.