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woman enjoying the breeze outside her car hire in naples

Naples is the capital of Campania and the third largest city in Italy, after Rome and Milan. As of the 2012 census, Naples has around 960.000 inhabitants. Naples is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. Greek settlements were established on the island Megaride in the Gulf of Naples as early as the 9th century BC. Naples was the most bombed Italian city during World War II. Much of the periphery was constructed under Benito Mussolini. Culinarily, the city is synonymous with pizza, which originated in the city.

Top Attractions Within Naples

Cuomo Palace is a museum in Naples, southern Italy. Its Renaissance ashlar facade opens to Via Duomo. The Museum was built between 1464 and 1490 by Tuscan artisans for the Neapolitan merchant Angela Cuomo. The museum displays an assortment of arms, porcelain and period costumes.

Museo di Capodimonte is a grand Bourbon palazzo in Naples. The museum is the prime repository of Neapolitan painting and decorative art, with several important works from other Italian schools of painting, and some important Ancient Roman sculptures. The collection includes works of famous painters, such as Simone Martini, Raphael, Titian, Caravaggio, Lotto, El Greco and many others.

Catacombe din San Gennaro. Around the origins of the Catacombs much has been discussed, they were simple burial and not quarries or underground ways. Supposedly, there were many miracles performed by St Agrippino, thus becoming a place of reverence and pilgrimage.

Mount Vesuvius is the most famous volcano in Italy and in Naples. It is the only remaining active volcano on the mainland of Europe. Mount Vesuvius is famous for the calalmitous eruption in 79 AD, which buried the towns of Herculaneum and Pompeii.

Piazza San Domenico is a beautiful square located at the very heart of Naples. Here, stands the splendid San Domenico Maggiore, the church that was built in 1283 by King Charles Ii of Angevin. The square has also got many coffee shops and small restaurants, where one can enjoy either a refreshing beverage or a delicious meal.