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Car Hire Roma Monterotondo

Roma Monterotondo car rental Italy

Compare the cheapest car hire in Roma Monterotondo

Roma Monterotondo is a small town located in the proximity of Rome. Roma Monterotondo is a part of the Rome province, in the Lazio region of the beautiful Italy. Roma Monterotondo has an area of 20 square miles and a population of 43,000 residents. Eretini celebrated on May 11 one of the most important days of the town, that of the patron saints, in this case Saint Phillip and Saint James. According to some researchers, Roma Monterotondo represents the continuity of a Sabine town called Eretum. The city, as you will see it in present, was built in the 10th and 11th centuries and named Mons Eretun, which was later transformed in Mons Teres, then Monte Ritundo, to be called today Roma Monterotondo. If you plan visiting it, here are the best points of interest of it.

Top Attractions within Roma Monterotondo

Pantheon is one of the most important historic sites of the Italian capital. As long as you stay in Roma Monterotondo, you need to make time to visit this world famous attraction. The building is considered to be perfect and it is the largest unreinforced concreted dome on the planet at this point. It was built to be dedicated to all the gods and it is still standing.

Colosseo, better known as the Colosseum is one of the best known ancient ruins in the world. It also has the name of Flavian Amphitheater and it represents one of the best works of engineering in the ancient Rome. A must see, as long as you stay in Roma Monterotondo.

Ad Hoc is the best restaurant in the capital of Italy. Once again, an attraction outside the area of Roma Monterotondo, but one that is very appreciated. It offers a large menu, based on the dishes of the Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, which are very healthy and tasty, too.

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