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Car Hire Newhaven

Newhaven formerly Mitching or Myching is a waterfront town within the local government district of Lewes, East Sussex Shire County, England, United Kingdom. It sits along the coast of the English Channel at the mouth of Ouse River. The earliest evidences of human activity within the area date back the Bronze Age. The town currently serves as one of the country's finest international ports that cater to ferries going to and fro England and Europe. Its other celebrated features include its beautiful environment, cultural heritage and sports. It is the home of Newhaven Football Club and the Newhaven and Seaford Sailing Club.

The town has a small shopping area and a larger harbour. The church is also worth a look, partly Norman, and the Brudge Hotel was the home of Louis Philippe and his queen after the French Revolution.

Top Attractions in Newhaven:

Castle Hill Nature Reserve homes wide variety of flora and fauna and is located at Fort Road, Newhaven East Sussex, England, United Kingdom. The fourteen hectares nature reserve faces the English Channel. The site is famous for the picturesque sights it offers, history and wildlife.

Denton Island Indoor Bowls Centre is located at Denton Island, Newhaven, East Sussex, England, United Kingdom. It is a great 1996 facility for all people who wish to play bowling within its premises. The centre's website is www.dentonislandbowls.org.

Newhaven Fort sits along Fort Road, Newhaven, England, United Kingdom. The fort offers everyone the opportunity to learn and see what it is like during the times of war in England. Amongst its favorite features by both locals and tourist are its theatre, tunnels, gun emplacements and so much more. Visit www.newhavenfort.org.uk to learn more about the venue.

Newhaven Marina lies within the River Ouse along the Fort Road, Newhaven, East Sussex, England, United Kingdom. It is a modern marina that boasts large space for boats or yachts, beautiful sights and state of the art facilities highly recommended for all boating and or sailing enthusiasts. Do visit www.newhavenmarina.co.uk for more information.

Planet Earth Museum can be found in Paradise Park, Avis road, Newhaven, East Sussex, England, United Kingdom. It features magnificent displays of real looking moving robot dinosaurs, genuine dinosaur fossils and egg. The destination is great to learn more about the species that once lived in the world whilst having fun with family and friends.