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Oban or The Gateway to the Isles is a resort town within the council and lieutenancy area of Argyll and Bute, Scotland, United Kingdom. It lies along the picturesque banks of the Firth of Lorn with an almost perfect horseshoe bay. The town although small and surrounded by mountains aside from water is a highly popular leisure destination. Oban homes a number of impressive ancient architecture, picturesque sights and ideal venues for leisure and outdoor activities.

Top Attractions within and nearby Oban:

Dunollie Castle towers on a hill within the town of Oban's northern part. It dates back the 15th century and used to serve as home to the noble MacDougall family until it was abandoned sometime in 1746 for the newly built Dunollie House. The castle is currently on ruins. Visiting it is free of charge and opens an opportunity to learn more about its history and see picturesque views of the town, the town's harbour and nearby isles.

Dunstaffnage Castle has history dating since the 13th century and can be found within the council area of Argyll and Bute near the town of Oban. The castle is made of stone and was first founded by the MacDougalls' of Lorn before the Clan Campbell held it sometime during the 15th century. The building is now partially ruined and is under state care. The estate is under the management and protection of the Historic Scotland after the estate was handed over by the 21st Captain and Duke of Argyll in 1958. Dunstaffnage Castle is popular for its beautiful ancient architectures, picturesque sights and several ghosts stories associated with it.

Kilmartin Glen lies in between Oban and Lochgilphead. It is an interesting area that homes a number of Neolithic and Bronze Age human activity proofs. Monuments with history going back the prehistoric times are available on the site.

McCaig's Tower sits within Argyll, Scotland, United Kingdom not too far from the town of Oban. It is a folly built sometime in between 1897 and 1902 by John Stuart McCaig who is a local architect, banker and philantrophist. The structure was made of Bonawe granite with Greek and Roman architectural design. Its founder intended it to be a monument for his beloved family with a museum and art gallery for the town. However, its construction together with the other plans for it was not accomplished after the death of John McCaig. A visit to McCaig's Tower offers an opportunity to see up close a part of the area's history.

Oban Distillery is a small yet notable whiskey distillery that dates back the year 1794. The brothers John and Hugh Stevenson first founded it. The site is renowned for successfully producing celebrated whiskeys with distinct West Highland flavor. A visitor centre is present within its premises. Its visitor centre is a wonderful place to visit as it tells a lot about the Oban Distillery's colorful history.

Oban Harbour can be found within Corran Esplanade, Oban, Argyll, Scotland, United Kingdom. It serves as a ferry terminal for Barra, Colonsay, Coll, Lismore, Mull and Tiree. The harbour is popular for its stunning views and the fresh sea air everyone can enjoy whilst leisure walking.

Scottish Sea Life Sanctuary is located at Barcaldine, Connel, Oban, Scotland, United Kingdom. The location serves as home to Scotland's marine life and a rehabilitation facility especially for common and grey seal pups. Getting into the Scottish Sea Life Sanctuary offers the chance to see feeding seals and to know more about the interesting underwater creatures. For more information visit www.visitsealife.com/Oban/.