Cyprus Car Rental

woman holding a car  key

Whether you fly into Paphos, Larnica, Limmasol, Ayia Napa or Nicosia, you will need a hire car to get around and explore the lovely countryside of Cyprus. Most of the tourist areas are in the south, or Greek side, of the island country. Vroom Vroom Vroom allows you to chose car hire from all different major brands so that you can find the best Cyprus car hire deal to suit you and your family's needs.
Paphos is quite centrally located on the south coast -- a wonderful place to fly into -- with the airport just ten miles from the city centre. It has a lovely set of beaches on the other side of the city from Paphos airport. There are a number of flights that come into Paphos airport during decent hours of the day. You can pick up your Cyprus car hire at Paphos airport and be on your way.

If night club action is more your speed, you will probably need to fly into Ayia Napa. Don't plan on getting much sleep at night. Most of the town starts rocking around 10pm and doesn't stop until dawn in even the most respectable parts of town. Put your dancing gear on and get ready to wreak havoc on your liver

You can fly into Nicosia but be forewarned. If you plan to hire a car to drive down south, it is quite a ways away from Paphos, Limmasol and Larnica. New highways and motorways recently put in have made this journey in a Cyprus hire car much more tolerable.

Visit the local tourist office website for up to date information.

Good news for drivers used to driving on the left you will feel right at home in sunny Cyprus.