Hastings - a Change for the Better and Close By Eastbourne

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Pick up a rental car in Eastbourne and check out how things have changed for the better in Hastings. In your Eastbourne rental car, take a tour of the Hastings waterfront to see how much commercial and residential development and refurbishment has taken place. If you had taken a drive around Hastings three years ago, you wouldn't recognise it now. It is this investment in the Hastings area that makes it a wonderful option for a London tourist destination for a family in a hire car or minivan.

Driving around in your Eastbourne hire car, you will be able to see how Warriors Square, the Flamingo Amusement Park down near the waterfront, and even the Hastings Pier has undergone a huge facelift.

Hastings' boardwark is beautiful and goes on for miles with plenty of on street parking and parking lots for your Eastbourne rental car.

A favourite among the locals is to go to the Dolphin for argueably the

If you've had enough of the waterfront, you can take one of the trams up the East and West Cliffs to take a look at Smuggler's Adventure in St. Clements Caves, where bootleggers used to bring rum into Britain hundreds of years ago.

You can drive your Eastbourne hire car around Alexandra Park, which has lovely walks and a facility to hire rowboats and paddle boats around the pond in the middle.

Hastings is also a nice launching point to take your Eastbourne hire car for a tour of Rye, which is quaint little ancient English town or drive through Battle the site of the renowned Battle of Hastings.

All in all, Hastings makes a lovely place to take the family, not to far from London, an affordable holiday that won't cost you an arm and a leg.

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