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Tips for driving in and around London

When contemplating travel arrangements around London, you hear people say, "Take the Tube," "Take the Bus," "Take the Train," "Take anything, but don't drive." They are referring to the horrible mess that became London about a couple of years ago, before the congestion charge was put in place. Now, traffic flows much more freely in most places during non- rush hour times of course and you can get around pretty deftly in a London Car Rental. If you are unfamiliar with London, here are a couple of tips for navigating safely around this fascinating city in your London Car Rental:

Tip 1: You need to pay for your London Congestion Charge every weekday that you have your London Car Rental. Ignorance is unfortunately not an excuse. There will be more information on this when you pick up your London Car Rental from any of the global suppliers. Cameras throughout the city track license plate numbers. If you are driving anywhere in the congestion zone, you will need to pay £8 by midnight that day or a fine will be issued. As the driver of the car, you, not the London Car Rental company, will be responsible for the fine. For more information, visit


Tip 2: The Thames River does not go straight across London. The Thames River comes in from the East and, at Westminster, goes South for a while before heading West again. This may fool you when it comes to your bearings.


Tip 3: Driving from East to West, you may want to drive on the South Bank of the Thames. Sometimes, traffic flows much more freely on the South side of the Thames across Battersea. But use your best judgment.


Tip 4: If you are lost in your London Car Rental, stop and ask directions from a Black Cab Driver. There is no use looking around for where you are suppose to be going while driving your London Car Rental as this may lead to an accident or put you and the car in a dangerous position. Black Cab Drivers are incredibly knowledgeable about London as they have to pass a test called "The Knowledge" in order to get their driving permit. They are usually very friendly and would probably prefer that you knew where you were going anyway.


Tip 5: Follow Bus and Cab Routes. Sometimes the best way to get across town, especially if you don't know where you are going in your London Car Rental, is to follow a Black Cab. London is full of back alleys and little one way streets. Black cab drivers do this for a living and know exactly where to go. They know the ins and outs of how to get to the major areas and following them might be the fastest and safest way to get to your destination.


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