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Shaftesbury formerly Scaepterbyrg is a town within the county of Dorset, South West Region, England, United Kingdom. It lies west of Salisbury in proximity with the Cranborne Chase and the ceremonial county of Wiltshire. The area's earliest known history dates back the Anglo-Saxon times. King Alfred the Great and his daughter Ethelgiva founded the Shaftesbury Abbey sometime in 888 A.D. The town is famous for its collection of beautiful ancient buildings, the Gold Hill, bread, the ruins of Wardour Castle and so much more.

Top Attractions within and nearby Shaftesbury

Gold Hill is a popular ancient cobbled street within the town of Shaftesbury in Dorset County, England, United Kingdom. The street is known for the picturesque environment that surrounds it as well as for the annual Gold Hill Fair it hosts that never fails to attract thousands of visitors.

Mere Castle Hill is situated within the village of Mere in Wiltshire County, England, United Kingdom. The site stands tall within the village of Mere and is known to have homed a medieval castle hundreds of years ago. The top of the hill can be reached after climbing over hundreds of steps. The site's topmost part offers must see picturesque views.

Old Wardour Castle grandly stands within Salisbury, Wiltshire, England, United Kingdom. It is an ancient castle greatly damaged during the 1643 battle. The castle and its grounds are open to public. The estate is famous for its beautiful landscape design aside from its ancient building of which is great to visit for relaxation and or picnicking.

Shaftesbury Abbey Museum can be found along Park Walk, Shaftesbury, Dorset, England, United Kingdom. The museum showcases artifacts from the ruined Shaftesbury Abbey that was founded by King Alfred the Great and her daughter Ethelgiva sometime in 888 A.D. It is a great place to explore to learn more about the area's wonderful history in the face of the large number of artifacts, medieval period garden and documents it homes.

Shaftesbury Town Museum is located at 1 Gold Hill, Shaftesbury, Dorset, England, United Kingdom. It stands at the topmost park of the famous Gold Hill. The venue is popular for homing wide collection of archaeological findings, pictures and crafts from the area.