Orpington Car Rental Locations

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Useful information on Orpington 

Orpington is mostly known for the "Buff", "Black" and "Speckled" chickens bred locally by William Cook in the 1890s and the Buff Orpington can still be spoted at Tripes Farm.  The Orpington Car, built by Frank Smith & Jack Milroy in Wellington Road, was shown at the 1920 Motor Show. It was a two-seater convertible, with a dickey seat, and a 10 horsepower engine. It was successful only briefly, Smith and Milroy couldn't compete with mass production, and the last car was built in 1925. unfortunately, no examples survived.

Orpington is situated in the Southeast of the City Centre and is convenient to London via an overland train from Charing Cross Station.  If you follow those intractions you won't have no problem getting there. Get off at Chelsfield Station and turn West onto Warren Road, then take the first left up The Hwy, at the end (500m) turn left onto Court Road, then after approximately 150m your should see the Alamo office. which you will then be able to book a car at Orpington car rental.

The High Street and Walnuts Shopping Centre have a wide selection of high-street shops and there is a general market in front of Orpington College, three days a week.