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Sheffield is the fourth largest city in Britain, and has been one of the key hubs of the Industrial Revolution. It still retains the industrial edge, being a major manufacturer of steel and fine cutlery. Voted earlier the 'World's Cleanest Industrial City', Sheffield also has a countryside that is verdant green. There is a lot for you to as a tourist at Sheffield. Here are the top 5 things you must do when you're there.

• Check out the Birley Spa: The Birley Spas are over a century old, and were built to provide people access to the therapeutic and healing powers of the 'waters'. Complete with marble-lined healing bath, the Birley Spas are a hot tourist attraction today.

• Visit the Sheffield Ski Village: Started in 1988, the Sheffield Ski Village is one place you must visit, whether you are a ski enthusiast or not. It has eight different ski runs, a ski lodge that is worth a million dollars, and advanced slopes for ski enthusiasts.

• Visit the Crucible Theater: If you are a culture buff, you must visit the Crucible Theater. This is where the International Chamber Music Festival is held and famous for hosting the Snooker World Championships. Besides, it has the distinction of being one of the best repertory theatres in Britain.

• Visit the Chatsworth Hall: The Chatsworth Hall was where the Duke of Devonshire stayed between 1687-1707. This 26-room structure also houses a fantastic art collection containing the works of such masters as Rembrandt and Gainsborough.

• Relax at Josephine's: Josephine's is the place to be at for a good evening after a day's sightseeing. This excellent nightclub boasts of a lovely restaurant, a cocktail bar, and a dance floor; in short, the place to be to let your hair down in the evening.

 Visit the local tourist office for up to date events in the local area.

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