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Godalming is a town within the local government district of Waverley, Surrey County, England. It lies along the banks of Wey River and is not too far from the areas of Aldershot, Cranleigh, Crawley, Guildford, London and Woking. Its history dates way back the Saxon era. The town is known for its huge collection of listed buildings as well as for its arts and leisure facilities.

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Farncombe Boat House is located at Catteshall Lock, Godalming, Surrey, England. It is a popular destination for both locals and tourist as the venue offers narrowboats for rent as long as anyone wants pending on the boats' availability. The said narrow boats are complete with appliances commonly found at home and can be driven along the River Thames.

Godalming Museum showcases wide collection historical items that are related to the town's socio-economic history. The museum is located at 109a High Street, Godalming, Surrey, England.

Pepperpot is an interesting architecture that served for several purposes since the early 18th century. The building today is mostly used as a venue for announcing important public notices such as Royal proclamations. Pepperpot sits along High Street in Godalming, Surrey, England.

The Witley Centre is a nature information centre that is located at Witley, Godalming, Surrey, England. The National Trust governs the venue as it features countryside exhibition. The centre is famous for hosting several events as well as for the variety of rare plants and animals that is homed within it.

Winkworth Arboretum can be found along Hascombe Road, Godalming, Surrey, England. The venue is famous for homing over a thousand types of plants wherein a number from its collection are considered very rare. The area is highly recommended for leisure walking, dog walking and picnicking.

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