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Drive a Reliable Car Hire in Pembroke Dock and Have Fun

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Pembroke Dock City is a historic settlement in the western part of Wales. It was originally a small fishing village, but eventually the town was greatly expanded from 1814 onwards ever since the Naval Dockyard was constructed. 

Nowadays, much of the maritime industry of Pembroke Dock has gone, and the town continues to cope with a high rate of unemployment, limited public and private investment. Still, Pembroke Dock makes a living from tourism. If you are going on a short holiday with your family and friends, do not miss out on all the wonderful things Pembroke has to offer. The accommodation is affordable, ranging from hotels, beach houses and cottages. The venues here are also diverse, restaurants, coffee shops, takeaways and pubs.

Explore Pembroke Dock and have fun in your rental car

The town of Pembroke Dock, which is home to a population of 9,100 and lies on the south bank of the estuary of the river, Cleddau, is a must visit place for any amateur military historian. Although the town has seen more prosperous days it puts on a bright coat of paint, particularly its jaunty red clock tower on the Town Hall, and looks to major schemes in the near future to restore its fortunes.

Martello Tower are small defensive forts built just outside Pembroke Dock. They date back to the Roman period and stand up to 12 meters high, having two floors. Their thick walls and solid masonry made them resistant to cannon fire, while the height made them an ideal platform for one artillery piece. The Martello tower now is a great tourist attraction for adults and children alike.

Garrison Chapel is one of the existing chapels in Pembroke Dock. It was designed and founded in 1830 by George Taylor. It is one of the most beautiful places in Pembroke. You can visit the inside of the chapel and if you are not familiar with the details of the construction, you can always ask one of the priests and he will kindly explain to you.

Pembroke Castle is a wonderful medieval castle in Pembroke situated beside the River Cleddau. Built in the 11 century, it was the first fortified castle in the area. In the 20th century, underwent major restoration works. Today Pembroke Castle is a wonderful historical place, where you can see and be amazed at the many exhibits put on display that depict life from the 11th century onwards. It is both a cultural and historical experience, that will be enjoyed by everybody.

So, if you find yourself in the surrounding area of Pembroke, do no miss out the chance to visit these wonderful attractions via a car rental.