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Need help with your car rental?
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What Are the Age Restrictions When Hiring a Car in the UK?

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When renting a car in the UK, age restrictions will apply. It is important to be aware of what certain age restrictions are in place and what this may mean for you. These restrictions are different per car rental provider, and may even vary based on the location you are hiring the vehicle from. Make sure to always check each provider's requirements.

What is the minimum age to rent a car?

Age limits vary between 21-25 years old. Select vehicles may not be on offer to you as well - we highly recommend making sure that you are over the age limits before you book your hire car and that you know what is available for you. This way you won't run into any issues when you pick up your car.

For more information on the minimum age, click here.


Minimum age

Taylor just turned 21 and is wanting to rent a car. They will need to check which car rental providers they can hire a car with. They will also need to check what car options are available for them.

What is the maximum age to rent a car?

It is also important to note that maximum age limits may be in place when you book your hire car. If you are aged 70 or over, you will need to check what is available for you and your needs.

For more information on the maximum age, click here.


Maximum age

John is 75 years old. He is wanting to hire a rental car. Unfortunately, because of his age, only certain rental companies will allow him to rent a car. He needs to check with the specific car rental provider and see what his options are.

Do different locations in the UK enforce different age restrictions?

Different providers and different locations can mean that there are different age restrictions. 

We want to ensure that your experience with VroomVroomVroom is seamless and simple. We recommend learning more about the minimum and maximum age restrictions for each car rental provider.

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