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Need help with your car rental?
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Important Information About Returning Your Rental Car in the UK

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When it comes time to return your rental car in the UK, it can be easy to forget some of the things you'll need to do before you take the vehicle back to the depot. If you do not return the vehicle in the proper condition, you could face additional charges. It's also important that you return the car on time, as you could potentially be charged for an extra day's rental if you are late.

Fuel policy

One of the main things you will need to remember to do before you return your hire car is to refill the tank. If the fuel tank is not completely full when you return your car, you could be charged at a higher rate for the cost of refuelling by the car hire company. In some cases, car rental companies may offer you the option to pre-purchase the tank of fuel.

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Late returns

If you return your car late without informing the car rental company, you could be subject to a late return fee. Generally, car rental companies will also charge you the full day's rental rate for any vehicles returned outside of the grace period.

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When will my security bond be refunded?

Providing there is no additional damage to the vehicle and you have not incurred any extra charges during your journey, you should receive a full refund of your security bond within 5-10 business days. There may be some factors that influence this such as the bank you are with and when you've hired your vehicle.

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What additional charges will I need to pay when I return my hire car?

When you return your vehicle to the car hire company, there may be some outstanding charges you will need to pay. This includes damage fees, the cost of refuelling the car, as well as any charges incurred by using toll roads or driving into the London congestion zone.

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When you return your rental car in the UK . . .

Make sure you return your rental car at the time specified on your rental agreement to avoid paying any late fees. You'll also need to make sure the vehicle has a full tank of fuel to avoid any refuelling charges. If you are going to be late, make sure you phone the car rental company to let them know your estimated time of arrival.