Vroom Glossary

Car Hire

- Car hire is cheaper if organised through the internet, but the process will be made easier if you already know what type of vehicle you need, which locations you want to pick up and drop off at, and at what times, along with other needs such as required kilometres and ages' of drivers.

Cheap Car Rental

- Finding cheap car rental on the internet can be a long and involved process. To make it easier and shorter, you need to find websites, like Vroom Vroom Vroom, that have official contracts with all of the most popular global car hire companies so you can compare all the specials and deals in the one place.

One-Way Trip

- One-way trips involve picking up the vehicle at one location, and dropping it off at another. While most car hire companies will allow you to book for one-way trips, this may not be possible for special deals on offer ' which are generally specific to a certain location. There may also be a one-way surcharge added to your rental price, and this will vary depending on the company, availability of vehicles and required locations.


-  Once you have completed the step-by-step booking process you will be shown a quote based on the travel details you have entered. To reserve that booking you will need to confirm by clicking on the directed button. You will then be required to enter in personal details such as email address and phone number, and, in some cases, credit card details. However, payment will only occur when you go to pick up your vehicle.

Age of Driver

-  Age restrictions do apply when renting a car, and not only vary according to the car hire company in question but also may vary depending on the location you wish to rent from. If you are under 25 you will need to check the rental car company's policy before making a booking. Age surcharges will generally apply to those under 25. In some cases, certain specials on offer will not be available to anyone under 25.


-  When making a reservation you may be asked to indicate whether you would like to take out insurance which will reduce your liability in event of an accident. For a daily fee, generally the liability will be reduced from a few thousand dollars to a few hundred. Some car hire companies only allow you to take out such insurance when you go to pick up the vehicle.

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