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Greener car hire is the way to go for VroomVroomVroom to help save the planet

VroomVroomVroom joined the ranks of offering greener car hire to help combat global warming. We already offer the best rate of the day when you search for cheap car hire on our website, and excellent customer service and support, however we wanted to offer just that little bit more too.

When we speak of global warming,  we are talking about the rise in the average temperature of the Earth's atmosphere and oceans. And although some people may think, well that's ok, we don't live near any oceans... you're mistaken. 

Global warming may begin with the rise in the ocean temperatures yet it will cause ice caps to melt, water levels will rise gradually, weather systems and phenomenon's will increase around the World - for example the movement of the slip stream from the top of the UK towards the bottom. Although a relatively small move yet that slip stream protected most of the UK from the artic's weather however now, it allows it to move down the UK up to where the slip stream sits currently. It is things like this that makes you realise how badly we are affecting our own environment.

Could the 'electric car' be the hire car of the future?

VroomVroomVroom works with many global car hire suppliers who are also stepping up to the mark and making a difference through their businesses. Our biggest current 'green car' supplier is Green Motion. They specifically aim at supplying low emission or hybrid vehicles as hire cars, therefore reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere.  Hertz offers some fantastic models through VroomVroomVroom from their 'Green' collection. The VW Polo Bluemotion and Audi A3 Sport to mention but a few.

Also a great idea if you are thinking of buying an environmentally friendly car is to book a green hire car through VroomVroomVroom to test drive for a few days, to really get a feel for it before you decide what to buy?

See, you don't just have to be going on a trip to book a hire car - but you can help save the World when you do!